"Blurring the lines between an industrial design piece and a sculptural masterpiece"

Charles Kalpakian was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1982.
French-Lebanese Charles Kalpakian chiseled geometric lines are the signature of his innovative approach, fusing his Oriental roots and his knowledge of design and the decorative arts. These influences take shape through the reinterpretation of classical patterns, historical forms and archetypal motifs, filtered by a resolute contemporary culture.
Charles Kalpakian has a rare gift for subtly incorporating personal biography into his art, deliberately focusing on certain geographical features and transforming them into powerful decorative tools. His work is distinguished by the mix of traditional French techniques (particularly marquetry) and by his use of a native Oriental identity, as well as a fresh take on the tradition of metalworking. The stroke is always clean, even if the gesture resembles calligraphy in space.

Charles is working with Private clients, Hotels, Curators, Ong, Galleries and Brands as Galerie BSL, Haymann Editions, LaChance, Delcourt collection, Nemo Lighting, Kann and DCW.